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Strategies to improve your mental health

2019-04-25 09:34 #0 by: Niklas

There are three areas of life I always come back to whenever I feel stress or depression coming, or my energy levels sinking. If you feel out of step, start your troubleshooting by going through this list. I think you will find that often one of these are not on the level it should. Make corrections, and you will probably start feeling better.

  1. Sleep. Do you sleep enough? Do you sleep well?

  2. Get into and out of bed at the same time every day. Don't use a smartphone, tablet or computer the last hour before sleep. Make sure your bedroom is dark and not too warm. Avoid intense light and go to the toilet before you go to bed.

  3. Food. Do you eat regularly and reasonably healthy? Can you relax during meals?

  4. Do not eat at your desk when you are at work. Let meals be a time when you disconnect from work and the world around you.

  5. Exercise. Do you get enough exercise?

  6. Make sure to get at least 30 minutes every day. Exercise doesn't have to be running or weight lifting. You can take a quick walk, wrestle with your kids, walk the dog or mow the lawn. The activity doesn't have to be 30 consecutive minutes. They can be spread out during the day. Take every chance you get to exercise while doing other things. Avoid using escalators when there are stairs. Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk. Ride a bike instead of driving.

    Don’t sit or lay down for more than an hour at a time during your waking hours. Stand up, drink a glass of water, take a walk around the house, walk up and down stairs to get the blood moving in your body. One minute of movement every hour is enough, but the more, the better.

If all of the above seems to be in order, consider your social life. People need people. If not constantly, then at least in doses. When we concentrate on ourselves and our problems, they tend to grow. In our contact with others, we easier get things into perspective. Socialize with friends, siblings, parents, and grandparents.

If you still don't feel well, see a doctor. He or she will ask about your food, sleep and exercise habits. Then you can honestly say that they are taken care of.

What things are most important to your wellbeing?

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2019-04-25 10:32 #1 by: Leia

I think feeling fresh is important to a persons wellbeing! 

I always shower, fix my hair and try to follow a skincare regime, that way I always feel confident in myself and around people. 

All the best, Leia

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2019-04-25 11:45 #2 by: Evelina

Here is another tip! Try to manage negative thoughts by focusing on more positive thoughts, replacing the wording in your head and try to ignore your inner thoughts that are often too self critical, etc.


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