2021-04-10 12:59 #0 by: Evelina

The weather is turning from dark and cold to sunny and warm. I usually start to walk more this time of year and use public transportation less. I used to listen to a lot of news and political podcasts daily, as I think it is important. However, I noticed that oftentimes I’m not really listening to it, it’s just on and I am consumed in my own thoughts.

On Tiktok, there is a viral video of a woman who came up with what she calls “the hot girl walk” - which is essentially a daily 4 mile walk to not only lose weight but think positively and pump yourself up while thinking about goals and how to achieve them.

I thought it was a great way to refocus my walks, where I would focus on my mental health and well-being. So I figure I can keep commuting on the bus for the news and walking for mental health.

I decided to look up an anxiety podcast and I clicked on the first one I saw - called The Anxiety Project.

I highly recommend it. So far it has helped quite a bit with helping me spark the motivation to tackle some of my fears.