Gain good health and wellbeing in nature

2019-06-17 11:55 #0 by: Niklas

This probably is what many have always known or suspected. A study in Nature international journal of science confirms that spending time in nature benefits your health and wellbeing greatly. A total of 120 minutes a week is the optimum time to achieve these effects. The time in nature doesn’t have to be all at once. The effect kicks in even if you spend several shorter times totaling 120 minutes a week in nature.

The study found that older people, as well as people with long-term health issues, benefited as much as others. Health and wellbeing were measured by how the participants perceived it. Parks, woodlands, and beaches are what was counted as “nature” in the study. The study doesn’t say if a garden of a private property would count as nature.

Read the whole report at

» Spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing | Scientific Reports

2019-06-20 10:10 #1 by: Niklas

Do you spend at least 120 minutes in nature in a regular week?


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