How to get through bad days

2019-05-06 14:05 #0 by: Leia

Here is some advice from psychologists on how to get through those bad days.

1) Don't let a bad moment equal a bad day. Take a step back during challenging moments, remind yourself to experience them as moments and nothing more. Take a deep breathe and give them time to pass.

2) Zoom out of your thoughtsThinking. Our own negative thinking often raises our stress levels more than anything else.  Ask yourself "Is the thing that's stressing me out important as it feels?"

3) Get outside SunFlower. Fresh air and endorphins may not be all cure-all, but they can give you a much-needed break. 

4) Focus on rewarding work. Distracting yourself with any work, in general, can make you feel productive and accomplished.Laughing Try and stay in the moment with your work rather than letting negative thoughts or other stresses carry you away. 

5)Acknowledge that you're in a bad mood Resting head in hand. Don't beat yourself up for feeling down - it'll only make you feel worse! Instead, accept it and focus on not blowing it out of proportion.

6) Take time for your passion or side hustle. If you're having a rough day, taking time for yourself - to do something you know you're proud of and passionate about - will feel good. Listening to music The change of pace can lighten your mood. 

7) Talk it out Hugging. Try confiding in a friend or family member. They can give you advice and also put things into perspective. Expressing how you feel can also validate your experience and make you feel less alone Heart.

Did you find these bad day tips helpful? Do you have any of your own?

Source: @SELFmagazine

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

All the best, Leia

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2019-05-06 19:22 #1 by: jordan

As someone who doesn't really like the summer heat, going outside and feeling the sun on your skin can be of great help.

As for other tips, a bit of comic relief goes a long way for me. Being able to laugh a little definitely helps with getting something off of your mind, even for a little while.

2019-05-07 09:14 #2 by: Niklas

#0: Good advice. I think 2, 4 and 6 in essence are the same. Just get your thoughts away from your current thinking, however you do that best. 🙂 Also, a bad day is just a bad day. If it goes on for more than two or three days, you should look for causes.


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